Monday, July 1, 2013

Sara Paxton gamer girl

Sara Paxton plays a victim in many thrillers, but the cute actress has been playing video games far longer.

In a 2006 interview with, Sara Paxton said, "All my friends are secret video-game junkies. We might look like we spend all our time at the mall getting our hair and nails done and stuff, but we're actually totally undercover video-game freaks."

Sara Paxton plays The Legend of Zelda 3D game at Nintendo's Arts & Cinema Centre while at Comic Con on July 21, 2011 in San Diego, California. Paxton said she had been playing the Zelda gamer series since she was a young girl.

Sara Paxton told PBS Kids in 2005: "I'd say that I enjoyed middle school ten times more than I did high school. I didn't feel the pressure to be cool yet. I didn’t feel the pressure to wear makeup or wear anything fashionable. I wasn't interested in boys. And I just had a really good time with my best friend Stephanie, who's still my best friend to this day."

Sara Paxton looking hot in Nylon magazine. Sara Paxton has taken her gamer girl passion to adulthood, tweeting in Feb 2013: "hahah I still have my original Nintendo, my N64, GameCube, and PS3. Can't wait for 4! But still... #Zelda4ever" Another tweet by Sara Paxton in April 2013: "Shout out to @ronnie2k for hooking it up! Can't wait to play #BioshockInfinite @2KGames"

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kate Upton plays

Kate Upton plays with a leopard cub in a commercial for Guess, looking cute wearing glasses. The red frames match Kate's bright red lipstick, and her eyebrows are their natural brunette color. Kate Upton grew up on a farm and loves animals like dogs and horses. She is famous as a swimsuit model and her male fans may be delighted to learn that Kate Upton plays video games.

Kate Upton rides a horse with her brother. Kate tweets: "My Brother just beat me in Just Dance 2 for the wii...are you kidding me! i should be able to dance to 'crazy in love' better than him haha." In an interview with GQ Kate Upton said, "I’m an amazing Mario Kart player. Seriously, I’ll beat anyone. I played a lot when I was a kid and I always remember how, so now I just come back and kick whoever’s ass I’m playing and boom! Done."

Kate Upton as a young girl with the family dog, a boxer pup. Kate Upton plays video games for charity, tweeting: "Excited to play in the #REDRUSH Games tonight! Join me on TEAM POWE(RED) & help fight AIDS." As a spokesmodel for Skullcandy headphones, Kate Upton got to play EA's new game Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. Kate could be the model for horse riding equestrian games, which are popular with younger people, especially those that love horses or ride them in clubs. Not too many people own their horses, like Kate Upton rich girl, whose horse is named Colby.

There are so many equestrian games like Ridingclub championships, My Horse & Me for the Wii, Equestrian Challenge for the PS2 or PC, Horsez wii, Barbie goes Horse Riding, Horse Jumping 2, and Horse Jumping 3D. Kate Upton told V magazine: "I had my own horse, I mucked its stall every day, it was my responsibility. So taking care of myself or another animal was my daily routine."

As a grown up curvy beauty, Kate Upton plays a farm girl in a photo from Complex magazines, where she was featured with horses, cows, and chickens. So Kate Upton could even do a veterinary or caring for zoo animals kind of game.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year of the Female Gamer

Gamer Living calls 2012 as the Year of the Female Gamer. "Time and time again in 2012, they made themselves known to the world. Video games aren’t just for boys. Many females have been chastised for playing video games, but none so publicly as Madam Senator Colleen Lachowicz, Democrat for the state of Maine.....a level 85 World of Warcraft player......last November, Twitter exploded with reactions under the hashtag #1reasonwhy after Kickstarter employee Luke Crane posed the question, “Why are there so few lady game creators?” Gamers and industry people of both genders posted responses that were all over the place, but in the end, the point was made: Women play games, create games, and love gaming."

Rachel Quirico, above, an eSports Journalist with the Cyber Sports Network started out as a female gamer. In an interview with Team Dignitas, Rachel said: "Gaming, unlike traditional sports, allows for all kinds of people (old, young, disabled, homebound, otherwise unaccomplished) to excel at something and to be rewarded for it.....As a player, attending LAN events and winning tournaments, I fell in love with competitive gaming. I would walk to the student center in the snow for a better connection for practice, I'd try and encourage other girls from my clan, PMS, to compete with me, and I made a ton of friends and traveled more than I ever thought I would."

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